6 Steps to Start a GREAT Relationship with a Girl [2019]

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A relationship is only as strong as its foundation.

Relationships, from the moment they begin, must EXPAND and GROW, or else they will stagnate then DECLINE. There is little room for stasis in a relationship. It will either grow or decay.

Thus, if a relationships starts off with weak components, as it tries to grow, it will crumble under its own weight.

What makes a relationship strong from the start?


Video Details:

00:30 – The basic view of a relationship is “a girl who has sex with you and no one else”

01:20 – Let her push the romantic agenda first

03:15 – 3 is the magic number, for some reason

04:00 – Her attraction will be largely determined by how well you bang her

05:00 – Show as little emotion as necessary

06:15 – We cherish that which is hard to get.

06:50 – Don’t be TOO much of an emotionless fuckboy

08:00 – Let her be the one who tries to tie you down

11:03 – How do you meet a girl to even get to this point?

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It might help for you to have a clear picture of what to expect from ANY relationship, even with an AMAZING girl. Thus the question of “Is there a ONE?” out there?

Okay, you’re in a relationship. How do you handle the inevitable drama that comes?

Edited By David Mogan:

Stay strong. Stay studly. Stay horny.

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