“amazing” relationship advice.. red pill pua social studies sleepy asmr

No I didnt make this picture, i stole it from whoever made it on 4chan lol. Anyway 3am rambling when someone asked me.

I dont this came out right lol but what im trying to say t hat my biggest advice is, you only live once, at the end of the day most people dont actually care about each other. And when you do care about each other its only for the moment or when its convenient. So take the chance and go for it. One of the most powerful things is the that first interaction, giving someone a movie moment, a secret, whatever analogy you want to use.

Anywho none of this is to say im cool of course, and if anything I deff can be pretty beta at times.. but that just goes to show you I guess

#PUA #game #ASMR

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