ANSWERING: “Can I dress comfortably on a FIRST DATE?” (Dating Advice for Men & Women)

“Can I dress comfortably on a first date?” was a question asked in the Online Dating Dynamics Facebook group to which Mario the “GetGameGuy” of Get Game Group Dating Coaching realized his dating advice and tips regarding answering dressing comfortably on a first date were unorthodox, and nuanced. And…something he had to share with others because the conventional wisdom regarding dressing for a date was just…OUTDATED. In this video Mario explains his perspective towards answering the question of “Can I dress comfortably on a first date?” You may begin the video believing that you MUST dress comfortably on a first date, but Mario shares FIVE points that will make you reconsider that position! After watching this video, you will undoubtedly feel more empowered about your decision-making and how you feel about dressing up for success on a first date!

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