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In this video, you will learn some of the best dating advice and top dating tips for men. Expert advice provided in this video is based on Proven Attraction’s students’ real life interactions with girls that were arranged by our experienced dating consultants, stylists and matchmakers.

00:01 Lucy provides some insightful tips after Alex’s date with Maya.

00:43 Davida gives dating tips to Frank based on what she has noticed from Frank’s interactions with girls.

01:19 Lucy spills out more dating advice after Alex’s date with Tia.

02:04 Alex’s date provides feedback on how the interaction went between her and Alex.

02:09 Lucy has more tips for Alex on the subject of breaking the physical barrier with girls.

02:35 Davida offers some advice to Alex on the subject of dating.

02:39 Girls provide feedback on dates with Alex and express their opinion on how they feel about him after their brief interactions that they shared.

02:49 Davida gives more insights to Alex on dating and the importance of fashion when it comes to creating the right impression when dating and meeting girls.

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So that you will have a greater understanding of relationship dynamics. As a result, you will find any dating environment less challenging and way more enjoyable.

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Our primary objective is not only to provide dating opportunities, but to also focus on helping all our students develop the necessary skills to be successful with women.

If you are single and want to find love, or simply to enter a dating scene as a triumphant daygame / nightgame pick up artist (pua), you will certainly benefit from our expertise, where we will provide you with a full multiplicity of great dating advice, suggestions and tips.

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