How to Save your Relationship | Relationship Advice

How to Save your Relationship | Relationship Advice

The way you are around and with your girlfriend or wife it the way she perceives you and experiences your energy emotionally. Meaning if you are soft with her, she will believe you are soft in the real world.

And thus her beliefs will be that you are a wimp and weak in the outer world with other bigger Caveman. And thus they can push you around and you can’t survive out there. Thus you are a weak mate.

Her emotional system relates to you by the way you are with a woman. So if you are soft and speak soft she feels that. And what she feels with you is what she believes you are!

You could be a world champion fighter but if you are soft with her she will believe that and not what she see’s in the real world.

I know, sounds a bit crazy or odd to say the least to the male brain.

Tips: So be a bit grough once in a while. Literally grunt… when you hug her, give her an extra Squeeze!!! Stand firm when she’s trying to push you! Lower your voice, resonate your voice… speak out a bit loudly…

Come find out more of what’s going on between men.

And learn more about how to make her feel confident in her man and feel comfortable with you so she can relax into you.

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