Why Men Lie and Why are Women so Emotional (Dating advice 2019)

Why men lie and why are women so emotional (dating advice 2019)

Well, the title kinda sums it up. Men fib because women are emotional and women are emotional because men fib.

It’s a catch 22.

Women either forget or don’t realize that in order for a man to be inspired to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, there can’t be a whole dump truck worth of fall out for being honourable.

The reality is that men hate to disappoint women. Truth.

But they also don’t like getting yelled at.

So it only makes sense that if they know they’re gonna disappoint us and get yelled at then they is gonna avoid that like a pile of steaming dog doo doo.

I’ve always maintained that men are like little boys. They never grow up. Which isn’t an insult. Hell no! Stay youthful, everyone.

But when a dude is gonna get chastised like he’s still a kid and his woman is acting like his momma, then you (we women) can’t blame a dude for colouring the truth outside the lines.

Likewise, dudes, if you fib and she finds out, well that ignites her “I can’t trust this guy can never feel safe with him” trigger and that shit gonna light up like kerosene on a bonfire.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, be honest but be gentle. If she freaks out, which she totally might in the beginning, just ride it out until her fire fizzles then have some damn fine make up sex.

Whatever you do, don’t:

– Get defensive
– Back down

Take a deep breath and then when she calms her ass down have a conversation. If she really getting freaky on you, just walk away casual like and tell her you care about her and will chat when she’s ready.

(Ready means not breathing fire and ready to ice-pick your ass while you is sleepin’.)

Do not give in if you’ve not done anything wrong. We train people how to treat us.

That bares repeating: we train people how to treat us.

If she doesn’t calm down enough to talk through something rationally (eventually) then, dude, give your head a shake and and find a better ride.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

xo AJ

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Finally, the “Feedback in a Sammich” idea came from Karen Salmansohn, brilliant self-help author (for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing self-help), blogger, speaker and Wonder(fun) Woman. Find her stuff at www.notsalmon.com

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