Why We Stay In Abusive Relationships – 5 Big Mistaken Beliefs that Keep You Stuck with an Abuser

5 Mistaken Beliefs that Keep You Stuck with an Abuser…
If you believe these five things, you’ll fail to recognize abuse, and stay stuck. Don’t do that!

You don’t want to believe you’re being abused. You don’t want to believe that you would ever allow that. So, you use these five+ mistaken beliefs to stay in denial.

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Why do people stay in abusive relationships?
– for some reason we think the abuser actually loves us
– we stop believing the behavior and start believing the lies
– “well, they don’t hit me”
– we somehow think that we deserve to be treated poorly
– “they’re going to change” “I’ll make them change” “they say they will change”…
– that the things they say about you (you’re worthless, you’re a bad parent, you are crazy, you are not as smart as them, it’s all your fault) are actually true
– that you are lucky to have them and nobody else would want you
– that nobody will love you like like they do
– “because of the children”

The road to freedom starts with acknowledging these, and then getting help to stay motivated, empowered, and supported to move away from that denial toward the freedom you deserve!

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